Obtaining Initial Permits Documentation

Before starting any design process, it is necessary to prepare a complete set of Initial Permit Documentation (IPD) for the facility.

When collecting the list of documents necessary for the initial permits, the design organization analyzes the received documentation, determines the main scope of work on the facility, and interface points to existing networks.

The Brazen team of specialists is ready to provide service for obtaining an IPD quickly and efficiently, and to provide consultation on different issues.


  • Obtaining Urban plan of the land plot (GPZU)
  • Obtaining technical specifications for interface engineering networks including:
  • - Power supply
    - Household and drinking water supply
    - Fire prevention water supply
    - Domestic and industrial effluents drainage
    - Cable communication networks, incl. civil defense alert service (RSVO)
    - Gas supply
    - Heat supply
    - Water drainage (or implementing measures to obtain a discharge permit for treated water into a water body)
  • Obtaining technical specifications for implementing new and additional exits (junctions) to the existing road network
  • Obtaining information on background concentrations and meteorological profiles of the site.
  • Obtaining documentations from Federal Agency for Subsoil Use "Rosnedra" on the absence of minerals on site
  • Obtaining technical specifications for the removal of engineering networks within the construction zone (if necessary)
  • Obtaining design documentation approvals from the authorized organization for reorganizing (removal) of engineering networks within the construction area (in accordance with the technical conditions for the reorganization of networks)
  • Property survey for the presence of green spaces and grass cover, including the preparation of a Topographic plan of plants "Dendroplane" and a recount
  • Obtaining a sanitary and epidemiological document from the State Institution of Rospotrebnadzor of the Moscow Region on the placement of aerodromes in the aerodrome territory in accordance with Article 4 of FZ-135 (if necessary)
  • Arrangements for obtaining approval for the location of the Facility near airports
  • Obtaining concluding document on the presence or absence of cultural heritage objects at the construction site and the need for archaeological work and State historical and cultural expertise


Obtaining a full package of initial permits required for the project design and obtaining a positive conclusion from experts on the subsequent construction of the facility.